Monday, March 17, 2014


"No Way!"

"Are you serious?!"

"No, you're kidding.  Right?!"

These are simply a few of the responses we keep hearing as friends express incredulous disbelief!  Our simple room renovation (which began in October of 2013) continues to be a mammoth endeavor!

"But Sheri," you may say.  "We saw a picture on Facebook of your family having dinner in the room.  We thought it was finished."

And to this I respond - YES!  That's the quick answer.  Yes, we've eaten in our new dining room.

The table is there.  The chairs are all in place.  The windows and doors work perfectly.  The tile is solid.  The paint color inviting.  The lighting dims and brightens right on cue.

"So what's the problem?"

The building inspector (who should have been on our property twice) has now visited us EIGHT times!  And trust me, these are not social visits!  Only ONCE has he given a passing sign-off.

"No Way!"

"Are you serious?!"

"No, you're kidding.  Right?!"

I told you.  And please understand, this man is inspecting the work of lifetime professionals.  Men who've done this kind of work much longer than this fella has been inspecting work.

And yet, all the power for passing us lies in HIS ink pen.

The final inspection was scheduled for sometime between 10 AM and 2 PM Friday.  Because Frank was determined to be present when "Mr. Inspector General" arrived, he had to rearrange his entire day.  Appointments cancelled or rescheduled.  Honey-Do list seriously modified!  All activity revolved around being at home and standing on the ready. 

We were on the ready by 9:50 AM.  We were still on the ready when the all important county official finally rolled in at 1:50 PM!

He marched around examining every aspect of the inside and outside of our additional 100 square feet of living space.  (I promise he has acted as though he's inspecting the Taj Mahal!)

I dashed to the garage to get Frank then disappeared to another part of the house.

Within just a few moments I could hear the agitated voice of my usually calm husband.  "Well, could you PLEASE just give me a punch list?!  A Complete Punch List, this time?!  We'll make Certain that it's completed!"

The staccato edge on his voice made me know he wasn't just thinking about the need for a punch LIST.  (Yes, I know we're pastors.  But pastors are human too!)

I ventured cautiously out of the bedroom only to discover my husband was hot under the collar; the inspector was gone; we were yet again failed!  (See opening of post for my comments at that moment.)

So, here we go again.

Yes, he's probably being extra picky for some reason.  Yes, we could complain to his superior.  Yes, it's frustrating and annoying and maddening and..............

But the bottom line is this -  his inspection is ultimately for our good.  Once he does sign off, every possible problem will be addressed and corrected.  We'll have a completely safe dining room.  And if any problems should arise in the future, his signature will assure our insurance company that we met ALL requirements.

That provides peace of mind!

Sounds a little like a Biblical principle, doesn't it?  If we open our hearts to the inspection of the Holy Spirit, He will tell us of all the little things needing correction that no one else sees.  He's also very thorough.

But unlike our Polk County inspector, the Holy Spirit promises to stay around and help us make the corrections we need in building a safe spiritual life.  Each inspection is ultimately for our good!

And I for one am incredibly thankful for the peace of mind provided by Inspector Holy Spirit!  How about you?


  1. Yes, very thankful for the Holy Spirit and very thorough inspecting. Praying you get the final inspection and the Lord would honor your heart. Love you:)

  2. Praying for a next time pass. I do hope that you don't have the $150 inspection fee every time it fails as we do here. I so love that you are able to turn every challenging opportunity into a little mini sermon that I need to hear. Blessings to you and those you love

    1. Fortunately, our inspection fees are considerably less! Glad it was an encouragement, Becky!

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