Friday, February 28, 2014

All in a Day's Work

John and Joy had to take a road trip today.   And it will take all day.  Everyone knows that road trips with toddlers are to be avoided – unless heading to Grandma’s house!

So Poppa and Noni offered to fill-in at home.  Spencer - three.  Abby - eighteen months.  Noah - four months.  Just one, eighteen-hour day!  What’s the big deal?

Then we realized that our kitchen renovation would be complete enough that we could potentially host the church leadership meeting at our house.  A golden opportunity if  Frank could shape up a few final things.  Just one, eighteen-hour day!  What’s the big deal? 

Of course, Joy immediately offered to stay home.  But I reminded her that I once worked as a stay-at-home mom.  And I happened to be caregiver to the mothers of the three children I’d be in charge of today.  What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal?  The big deal is that I had forgotten a few things.  For example:
  • ·      Toddlers have routines.  And when that routine is altered – even slightly – it can throw everything into chaos.
  •     You never go to the bathroom alone when toddlers are around.
  • ·      They get very frustrated when you don’t understand that “Minau!”  “Minau!” means, “I want to wear the Minnie Mouse slippers that Aunt Meagan gave me for Christmas.  And no, tennis shoes will NOT do just as well.”
  • ·      Strollers that reportedly open with one hand do NOT open with one hand if you don’t know about the small latch release on the side.
  • ·      The blue cup is NOT the same as the yellow cup.  Although they are made identically.
  • ·      Diapers don’t change themselves. 
  • ·      Even the cutest babies create casualty diapers.
  • ·      Baby boys want to be fed quickly.  And don’t dare offer a taste of the fruit before all the carrots are finished or the carrots won’t be finished.
  • ·      Drums are loud.  Baby dolls can fly.  Infants roll quickly.  Fingers tend to stick in crevices.  Real tears make Noni want to cry.

Yeah, I’d forgotten several things about working full-time as a stay at home mom.

Fortunately, the entire family put their heads together and I’m only on duty until four today.  Five of us will rotate off during this eighteen-hour shift in an attempt to do what Joy does all day, all alone, five days a week.

When I get home, I’ll probably collapse across my king size bed and sleep for a while.   At the very least, I’m going to expect a back rub from Frank.  Even though he’s spent all day mowing and hedging and cleaning the yard and moving lawn furniture.

But before I close out. let me mention a few other things I’d forgotten:
  • ·      Unsolicited morning cuddles are the best.
  • ·      Sleepy eyes beg to be kissed.
  • ·      Milk on the chin beneath a  big toothless grin really is poetic.
  • ·      “Noni, watch me!”  Makes you feel like the most important person in the world.
  • ·      Fat, baby hands have dimples.
  • ·      A milky-smelling kiss followed by, “I Yove Lou, Noni!”  Is better than a $1000.00 gift card to your favorite shoe store!
I’m glad I got this opportunity to remember all those wonderful days as a stay-at- home mom.  But I’m also glad I worked that job in my twenties and thirties instead of my fifties! 

Trying it fulltime now would be a very BIG Deal, indeed!


  1. Sheri - I so understand - in my early 30's I had a 3 year old, a 12 week old and also kept a 10 week old - don't remember it being any big deal. However, now just a day with 3 of the five grands seems too much at 62. I guess that is why God gave us full time kids when we were young!

    1. My dad used to say, "They're grand when they come and grand when they go!" But I think the kisses more than make up for any exhaustion we may feel, right?! :-)