Friday, May 11, 2012


With all the emotion I'm navigating this Mother's Day, you knew a tribute was coming, right?

First things first - Spencer is doing well! Thank you for every prayer that has been going up on his behalf.

The surgeon came out about four hours after they started and said that the fingers separated nicely. The casts will stay on five weeks this time; allowing extra healing as this surgery was more extensive.

Spencer seemed fine with one extra dose of Valium for the pain, so they released him around 3:30 and we headed home. We hit a seriously rough patch for about an hour and wondered if we'd be going back to Shriner's. But John finally figured out that the block had probably worn off and Spence was trying to get through that.

The Loritab eventually caught up. And Nana stood by a window swaying and humming every deep alto song I could remember for about forty-five minutes while Spencer slept on my chest. When he woke, everything seemed MUCH better.

We thank God!

I checked with Joy earlier, he actually slept for two long stretches last night. AND he managed to roll himself over without waking up. No small feat considering he has to move those two heavy casts that encase his little hands and reach almost to his shoulders.

It's also important to express our sincere appreciation for the incredible work they do at Shriner's Hospital in Tampa! The staff, the facilities, the innovative ideas........ The entire operation is a testimony to what happens when people and organizations join hands to meet a need.

Spencer is just one of many children whose lives will forever be impacted for good by these wonderful people wearing funny hats. If you know a Shriner, please give them a hug for us!

Shifting gears -
I do indeed have a precious tribute for moms swirling in my head. But I'll have to wait until tomorrow to complete it. Right now, I'm heading off on an adventure.

In just one short hour, I'll walk into Starbuck's in Lakeland and meet Guerrina from New England who has been a long time follower of "Embrace the Grace". While in the area to visit her son and his family, she graciously arranged time for a coffee shop meeting - with me!

Gotta tell you, I'm pretty excited!

I no longer own the white blouse in my profile picture, and my hair has changed too. So I've decide I'll stand at the door and loudly call out her name with my intense Southern drawl until she realizes she can not hide and comes forward to at least get me to shut up.

Now you'll never want to tell me if you come to Central FL for fear I'll do the same to you! These are the disadvantages of having a friend with a loud, bubbly, easily excitable personality - like me. Smile.


  1. Sheri, so thankful all went well for your precious Spencer. Thanks for letting us all
    know of the outcome. Will be praying for his
    speedy, pain-free recovery. Love to all.

  2. So happy all is good in Spencer's world! What a trooper he is for such a little one. There's definitely "magic" in Nanas and Nonnas singing - either that or there's mighty comfort in the Nana/Nonna rolls :)

    So blessed to meet with you for coffee and hope I didn't sound like an idiot since I usually don't talk quite so much! Good thing I got there early so you didn't have to sound off in the entryway...I would've had to make it a duet! Look forward to the my next trip down and your someday trip to New England...all y'all welcome in my home!


  3. You got to meet Guerrina? The same Guerrina from Smithellaneous? Woo-hoo!